How do I fix my ATT email not working?


IF you are an ATT email user and your ATT email is not working properly and you are looking to fix all types of issues then read the article till the end and get rid of from all types of ATT email related issues.

Sometimes due to maintenance to upgrade the legacy ATT email not working. Due to this, some users may get the SSL certificate mismatch error in their email client or their mobile device

This is why they need to fix ATT email is not working issues, for this, they need to accept the mismatch to the updated SSL certificate for normal working of ATT email

If they are not able to see the accept certificate option then they need to remove the email account and try to set it again without changing the auto-setup settings

Fix the issue of ATT email not working on iPhone

Check password on your iPhone

In many cases, when any user changes their password and links their email to other websites, then this problem may occur because your password doesn’t match. So, it is very important to update your password on all the platforms and devices to access your email

Unable to get the password and ID combination

Sometimes users make sure their ID and password should be correct. For sign in, if any user enters the wrong password and user ID too many times then ATT may lock your account. If this will happen then they need to wait at least an hour and try to reset their password with the correct mail id.

Steps to fix about ATT email server Error settings

The manual server settings steps are as follows:

First, user need to enter their username and password

After this, enter the POP3 server i.e.

After that, enter port- 995

Click on the ‘Next’ button

Now, enter the SMTP server i.e., and enter the port 465

After all the above step, user need to enter the username and password

Click on the Next button

How to set up an ATT email account

User first need to go to the and click on the sign in button

Click on the create ATT account

Enter all the required information like ZIP code and wireless number

After entering the wireless number, the team will send you the confirmation code

Enter the confirmation code and click on the continue button

Complete the information like email address and password and also enter security questions and answers

Follow all the steps to verify your account

Save your email address and password for the future login

Select the continue button when you will the confirmation page

Benefits of ATT account

With the help of an ATT account, users can check their email at

Users are able to organize their contacts and can stay things on top of the calendar

Users will get the latest news about sports, weather, and stocks

They also able to access movies, games, and more

Users can free send and receive emails