How do I contact Facebook?


Facebook is a social networking tool that allows its users to connect to each other. These people can be employers, hobby groups, friends, companies, interests, etc. Today, Facebook has become the world’s largest social media networking tool. More than one billion users using Facebook in all over the world. The social media platform Facebook provides the facility for users to create pages, groups, and posts and also share with friends in the whole world. People who wish to report any complaint then can direct contact Facebook by phone.

The Facebook profile contains the person’s personal information. On the other hand, the Facebook page contains information about the business, employment information, celebrities, or professional or public details. If any Facebook user finds any negative posts then you can go with Facebook community standards and can report these posts, comments, and profile or page.

How a user can report a page from computer

If any user wants to report any Facebook’s page then can follow the below steps:

First, user need to log in and open their Facebook account on a Laptop or computer

Go to the Page, on which you want to report

Click on the below three dots on the cover photo of that page

You then need to select the Report page or find a support option

Give the feedback and then click on the best describes option as to how the page goes against the FCS (Facebook community standards)

You can also report on Facebook’s page using your Facebook application. The steps to report a page using the Facebook app are as follows:

How a user can report a page using the Facebook Application

First, login into the Facebook account on your mobile either android or iPhone

Go to the Facebook’s page on which you want to report

Click on the three dots button from the top right corner

You find the option and tap on the report page or find support

Provide your feedback and describe how this page goes against (Facebook) our community standards

To report any page or group on Facebook go with the above tips. If you are still facing the same issue or any comment or post bothers you then you can Contact Facebook by phone and get rid of these problems. Generally, there is no option on Facebook to report or contact on Facebook by phone. As Facebook does not offer live customer support so if you find any issue the only way is you can report a page on Facebook.

Users who want to contact Facebook by phone can contact us. We have an experienced team of customer executives. We first listen to your problem and then provide the solution to your problem. For more info. Visit our website and get contact number for a report on Facebook.   

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